A Father’s Day Tribute

dads dayI’d like to wish a Happiest of Father’s Days to my sweet dad. Aside from having his kiddos with him, I can’t imagine a place he’d rather celebrate the day – exploring abroad in France. Today, I am so incredibly thankful for the person he is. He truly is loved by so many, including his family, all of his students and colleagues, and he leaves people with a smile everywhere he goes.

This year I am especially thankful for his constant support. I’d imagine it can be very difficult to watch your daughter go through challenges that you can’t help or control in any way, but he has always been there to lean in and offer his love and encouraging words. Even at times when it seems the details of the struggle are extremely personal, this has never stopped my dad from reaching out and reminding me that he and my mom endured the same struggle for 6 years. They know the pain and yet he is always quick to remind me I was the result of the 6 year struggle. He always brings comfort, hope and perspective.

I love my dad’s outlook on life and in a lot of ways think I gained my “everything will work out for good” attitude from him. He is filled with joy and it’s infectious. He has always had a thirst for knowledge and experiences which he certainly passed on to me. He gave me my love for travel, celebrating life and family, and coffee, of course. Today I am thankful for many things, but I am most thankful for the incredible example of a father and husband he has provided as Tyler and I embark on this journey to parenthood.

Love you Pops!

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