4N8A9796.jpgTyler and I are excited you’ve joined along in our family’s journey. We have been blessed beyond measure with our beautiful and joyful little girl, Reagan. We spend our family time outside, with our loved ones, enjoying our jobs, being involved in our church, cooking, traveling, and fixing up our 50-year old home. Welcome to our lives!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. phil Bedient says:

    I could not be prouder of my little girl and her wonderful husband in this journey. God Speed and may the path become clear and steadfast as you move along towards parenthood. There is no question that you are destined to become the best parents anywhere. We love you both so much.


  2. Allison Rockwell says:

    Court- I am sitting on the couch with real tears… Your posts are so raw and beautiful. I absolutely love this story of your journey to parenthood and trusting without borders that God would provide you with the baby you have dreamed of for so long.
    Reagan is beautiful and to see you holding her the other day was so special. You will be the best mom… You are a natural. Looking so forward to this new adventure for you and Tyler. 💗
    God is so faithful and your story is such a sweet reminder of His love.


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