Happy Going to be a Father’s Day

Today I’d like to wish a Happy “going to be a” Father’s Day to my sweet husband. Though today is another stinging reminder for those of us going through the infertility struggle, I can’t help but feel hopeful this Father’s Day. We have been so busy these last few weeks with preparing our hearts and our home for adoption that sometimes the reality of the process gets lost on me. But in reality, Tyler is going to be a dad, and God is allowing us to believe it will be soon!

Tyler has the most incredible father’s heart in the way he loves and serves his family always, and especially as we prepare to be parents. Though the work hasn’t all been fun, he has brought a positive attitude and approach knowing that one of his lifelong dreams is coming true.

Anyone who knows Tyler knows that he is a big kid at heart. It’s incredible to watch him with kids, and more importantly, to watch kids light up with him. He has a big imagination and is able to easily get on their level to play creatively and share in conversations. He has been the most hands-on uncle to our sweet niece and nephew, always treating them like they’re our own, and it’s never an inconvenience for him to step away from “adult time” to be with the kids.

I am so blessed to go on this journey to parenthood with him. I know he will lead and guide our family with love and lots of quality time. He has been so extremely patient for the blessing of being a dad, and I just know he will be such a gift to our future children. I can’t wait to witness it by his side.

dads day tylerOn Friday, Tyler came home to a collection of Father’s Day goodies (all of the beer variety), and he quickly got changed to head out for a special outing. I was excited for what I had planned and we started on what would be about a 30 minute drive to some of the area’s most delicious BBQ. We pulled up to see not a single car in the parking lot and my heart immediately sank – Killen’s was closed. This special outing I had planned for Tyler had gone south pretty quickly, and I definitely cried in the parking lot (cue the pity laughs). We headed back toward town and decided we were in the mood for some good old fashioned Goode Company Seafood. We enjoyed a delicious dinner and had a few good laughs about my so-called plan, ultimately a wife fail.

But all this is to say, I wanted Tyler to feel honored today, knowing that his father’s heart does not go unnoticed even though he hasn’t met our future baby just yet. There is so much anticipation and hope, and we trust God blessed him with this incredible heart to share it with children of our very own. It’s been a blessing sharing it with others in our family and through children’s ministry, but we trust Tyler’s time is coming very soon.

So, a very Happy “going to be a” Father’s Day to Tyler! Our family is so thankful for him!

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